PI (Project Infinity) Kernel for Max Pro M1 | X00TD

PI Kernel or Project Infinity is a new variants custom kernel who build by PRABHAT77, where this kernel have 2 variants that is HMP and EAS.

Project Infinity (PI) Kernel for ZenFone Max Pro M1 (ASUS_X00T) all variants. Stable and Provide great Battery Backup and performance in HMP and EAS variants.Geekbench 5 score of EAS Variant is Single Core:348 , Multi Core:1327.

PI (Project Infinity) Kernel for Max Pro M1 | X00TD

Latest Changelog:

  • Upstreamed to v4.4.235.
  • Overclock gpu to 580 MHz for smother gaming in "Gaming" spectrum.
  • Merged stock 084 audio drivers.
  • Optimized sdm660_cdc,tfa9874 and wcd934x codecs. Now feel pure Bass and clarity if u have Good headphones.
  • Improved linux memory management for better Multi-tasking.
  • Decreased network latency in net drivers.
  • Fixed force freezing.
  • Enabled force deep-sleep for better Battery backup.
  • Some optimization under the hood.

Support :
  • All Rom for Max Pro M1

How to Install PI Kernel in Max Pro M1

  1. Download PI Kernel (The download link is bellow)
  2. Reboot to TWRP.
  3. Backup Kernel or Full Rom that you use.
  4. Flash PI Kernel.
  5. Flash Thermal.
  6. Wipe Cache (Optional)
  7. Reboot System.
  8. Done ☕.

Download Link :

Note: Use SmartPack Kernel to Setting PI Project Kernel.

Which is Better, HMP or EAS?

I prefer HMP for Better Batterai management and EAS for Gaming. But you can try both so you can feel by your self 🍻

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