Max Pro M1

CorvusOS v8.0 - UNOFFICIAL | Android 10

Updated: 08/08/'20


Corvus v8.0 Max Pro M1

[693 MB]

♦️ Corvus OS v8.0 Changelogs ♦️

- Merged August security patch (r41)

- Version bumped to 8.0-Tsushima

- Updated our logo in about phone

- Updated some settings animations (Thanks to @BlissROM_Updates)

- Updated Google sans

- Added touch response optimizations

- Added custom Spidey analog clock

- Fixed system ui FC for some devices while using ls charging info

- Removed retro music player

- Removed boost framework 

- Reworked Raven's lair to make it look more beautiful

- Added option to customize thickness of navbar

- Added SElinux switch

- Added option to select network traffic fonts

- Updated toasts animations

- Updated cellular tile from oos

- Redesigned battery meter in settings

- Improved layout of settings

- Added option to configure lockscreen timeout

- Added option to show clipboard access toast

- Updated our branding format

- Brought back maintainer info in about phone

- Added support for custom proximity and tilt sensors

- Added option for wake the screen instead of pulsing

- Updated battery icon in settings dashboard

- Added phone specifications section in about phone

- Fixed some memory leaks, dead locks and lot more aesthetic improvements

- Detailed Changelog here 


Device changelog:

• Removed Corvus parts - ravins lair

• Fixed safety net

• Switched to Darkonah kernel

• Updated Cam

• Fixed battery cap not showing


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By @Aaryansah

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