Astral Fantasy

Introduction to the Star Fantasy Game

"Astral Fantasy" is a 3D different world adventure mobile game, using open scenes, exquisite character modeling, and cool skills to build a wonderful and fun adventure. Here, as a brave, you will descend to the chaotic continent of the star realm, contract star fate, unlock exclusive protagonists, walk with cute pets, and write your own fantasy adventure story.

---Game Features---

[The person of the star, the warm bond that belongs to you]


The fateful fetters, the celestial spirits in the distant universe span light years to meet you in the star realm. Exclusive Protoss, personality development, give you super power in battle!

[One soul, two souls, the soul awakens and fights back]


The infinite energy hidden in the body allows the desperate brave to summon gods, enter the battlefield in the form of gods, unlock new combat positions, protect teammates, and instantly defeat the enemy!

[Lineup match, endless battle performance]

Astral Fantasy

Each profession has its unique positioning and move skills. Different skill combinations can trigger more powerful gain effects. Each time it is a different surprise!

[The leader challenges, the battle for the top of the list continues to upgrade]


The leader's dungeon strategy clears the customs, the main story breaks through the self, and the beach challenge is constantly escalating. Strengthen your strength in the unforbidden challenge and become the king of the mainland!

Download Astral Fantasy

Astral Fantasy.apk

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